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Family-owned bakery in the business of bringing you happiness through your belly.


I started my love of baking at the kitchen table, making a cherry pie with my Gramma. Although this pie ended in a disaster on the floor, my memories of the love and happiness of baking with my Gramma began. Raised in a home that was a bed and breakfast, run by my mom, I also saw how friendships were formed over a plate of breakfast bread, blueberry kuchen, and pastries. Every product I bake is made with love and sincere appreciation for the person or people I am baking it for. I look forward to, not just establishing a customer relationship, but serving as your happy memory maker and being part of many friendships formed.


Lemon-PoppyseedMini-pound Cake with Lemon GlazeHomemade sticky buns!Delicious Muffins


Breakfast breads and muffins, pastries and scrumptious cinnamon rolls, cookies and pound cakes. Pies for all occasions,  or just because you love pies. Donít forget your basic loaf of bread to go with butter or hot soup on a cold day.